How a Former Secondary School Teacher Went from Earning 15,000 Naira to Building a 200M/Year Business

…plus his advice to anyone who wants to get there too!

The week after the bouncers’ of a popular man of God pushed me down to the floor was the day that changed my life – forever. 

In a few years I went from a broke graduate, earning 15,000 Naira as a school teacher to becoming CEO of a company that has paid over 200,000 Million naira to more than 50,000 Africans! 

After my experience – i believe anyone can legitimately & successfully avoid poverty if they do what i have done to change my own life. 

Hello; My name is Nonso Stanley Czar Nnamani 

…or just ‘’Mr. Czar’’; I am the coFounder & CEO of – one of the fastest rising startups in Nigeria, we currently have over 160,000 Users across 5 different African stories. 

But it was not always easy for me: 

In fact what completely changed my life was just  One Simple Action that I took. 

The best part is that this simple action I took is in fact very easy to copy. When I learnt what it was, I wished someone had told me about it earlier. 

But first – here is why i decided to share this ‘’secret’’ to the world now

A year after graduating from the University; I needed startup capital to start a business & went to a couple of people who turned me down.

At this point i was already working a secondary school teacher in a small Private school, my monthly salary was just 15,000 Naira a month & i worked every day from 7 AM to about 5PM 

Life was so difficult & i was very desperate & hungry to change my life.

I got a business idea, wrote a proposal and started pitching it to everybody I met. At some point most of the people I went to started to avoid me; while the straightforward ones told me to my face that they won’t give me the loan. 

One day i decided i was going to go to a popular man of God with my business proposal (i’ll not mention his name) – 

I attended the weekday service, and after we closed i rushed out of the church to waist for the man of the God outside so i could intercept him as he enters his car –

About 50 others too had that in mind – they either wanted to touch him or ask him to touch them, so we all rushed to the car at the same time & as he got into his car, i tried to slip my business proposal into his car – 

That was when one of the bouncers caught my arms & pushed me to the floor. 

It was one of the most embarrassing days in my life, I just sat on the floor so ashamed of myself – collecting dust as people trampled on me. 

That was the day I swore to change my life, no matter what it takes! You know what – once you make this decision things start to turn around – almost like magic. 

There is a proverb in igbo that says – ‘’when you decide to change your life, your Chi agrees with you’’. That was what happened to me that day. 

That evening while scrolling through Facebook – I saw an advert – I clicked on it, it took me to a website where they were advertising a seminar. 

The offer of what they’d teach in that event got my attention so much that I scrapped my last 20,000 Naira; and paid for the event. Then I borrowed N7,000 and took the next bus from Enugu to Lagos for that training. 

The rest as they say is history. I went from broke & struggling to this moment – just because of that ONE TRAINING I took. 

….if that ONE TRAINING could change my life, I decided that if i shared the same things i learnt from it the lives of others will change too

In fact, after I started getting results I shared that same information I got from that event with two of my friends who are now doing very well. 

It is a Very Unusual Information

Here it is – 

The speaker explained something to us called ‘’Digital Rent’’ –  It is a method that makes it completely possible to get paid rents – without even owning a house? 

This method is called ‘’Digital Real Estate Investing’’….this is a unique & clever way to build ‘’real estate’’ online that pays as much rent as a house does! 

….in fact, all one needs to build a simple digital real estate that pays about 150,000 – 200,000 naira is just an internet enabled device (preferably a laptop – no matter how old, so far it can browse) and about 30 to 60 minutes every day. 

And it is possible that anyone can get into it – in fact, I started Digital Real Estate Investing while working as a school teacher in my Twenties. 

It was this ONE SECRET that changed my life. 

And one digital real estate can send as much rent to anyone as a house with four tenants! 

 It is time to get into the real thing: 



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